Welcome to German University Bangladesh

“Initiativekreis German University in Bangladesh” (IGUB) established with defined vision, missions, goals and objectives in 2007 in Germany. After several meetings and elaborate discussions the members prepared a project plan. In the mean time with the initiation of Professor Dr. med. Michael Krawinkel the registration of IGUB took place in Berlin, Germany. In 2008 with similarly objectives “German University Bangladesh Foundation (GUBF) established in Bangladesh.

The nature of both Foundations is a Non-Profitable, Non-Government, Non Political, Voluntary and Charitable Foundation. home_logo
Main aim of IGUB & GUBF is to set the foundations for a University at Guptabrindaban, Shagardighi under Upazila Ghatail and District Tangail in Bangladesh with association of some leading German Universities. The new University will run under the name “German University in Bangladesh [GUB]”. The prime objective of this international project will be - to introduce and expand of some yet unexplored non traditional scientific fields into the Bangladeshi educational curriculum, particularly involving Environmental Technology, Food Science and Technology, Engineering and Medicine (Veterinary medicine and Public Health). Moreover, the latest German precision technology and know how in to Bangladesh with the assistance of highly experienced German teaching staff in relevant fields. The University shall serve for building up a reservoir of highly skilled, scientific and technical manpower according to the global needs of the 21st century.
The ultimate visions of both Foundations (IGUB & GUBF) including :

• Implement modernized German Higher Education Concept in GUB Curriculum
• Mixed Faculty with Teaching & Research options of German Professors/Scientists in Bangladesh
• Access of Bangladeshi Students to German Universities.
• Strong German and Bangladeshi ties

The Foundation has a Board of Trustees and a Board of Governors to direct and conduct the general management.
By this time Professor Dr.-Ing. Saifullah Khandker has donated five acres of land for the proposed University at Guptabrindaban under Ghatail upazila in Tangail district, about 100 km from the capital Dhaka. The German hands are promised to flourish the university with all their efforts and they are also committed to provide all possible help and they are going on accordingly.

Professor Dr. Saifullah Khandker has sincere feeling for Bangladesh as well as for Germany and he has been observing the German efficiency and precision in all spheres of life. Keeping that in mind, he is trying to bring the German efficiency and precision to Bangladesh. The Bangladesh students will get the opportunity to study in part in German Universities and get the exposure to German work ethics, sincerity and dedication. On their graduation from German University in Bangladesh (GUB), they will be the torch-bearers of the German qualities in Bangladesh.

The proposed implementation plan (Table: 1) was postulated at IGUB meeting on 27th May 2009 in Berlin, Germany. December 2009, IGUB meeting was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh and discuss the implementation plan point by point. After approving the implementation plan the members of IGUB gave the green signal for realization.